Speed up your boosted Conan Exiles PS4 server setup with this code download

100x Harvesting, 100x XP, 100x Faster Thrall Conversions/Taming

  • When you buy this ini. package you will receive a TXT File with code for the "ServerSettings.ini" that you can easily copy and paste into your Gportal server settings to get your server up and running.
  • These rates are PERFECT for players who want to speed up gameplay and have a more PVP focused server. 100x rates will allow people to build up quickly and get back into the action quickly.
  • The details of the rates this Conan Exiles PS4 server settings code will give you on your server are below.
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    Please download your code package using a computer as shown in the tutorial on this page. It's unlikely that your mobile will be able to download TXT files.
  • (This code will work for Xbox and PC servers also)

Here's The Settings You'll Get On Your Conan Server

  • main rates
  • thralls

Player Food Multiplier: 0.2

Player Water Multiplier: 0.2

Offline Thirst Multiplier: 0.1

Offline Hunger Multiplier: 0.1

Player Stamina Multiplier: 2

Player XP Rate Multiplier: 100

Harvest Amount Multiplier: 100

Crafting Speed 0.5

NPC Respawn Multiplier: 1.5

Max Clan Size: 5

Nudity: Full

Raid Time On Weekdays Is From 17:00 to 00:00

Raid Time On Weekends Is From 12:00 to 00:00

Containers Ignore Ownership - You Can Lock And Unlock Containers